Raga Suha Kishori Amonkar Various mp3 song

Categories: Album and Hindustani Instrumental.

Albums: Kafi Thaat.

Singers: Various.

Released : 11 Feb, 2012

Duration : 15:06 min

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Read all comments/appreciations.Iam Kansen only. Can't go into depths of rag's techniques but appreciate what sooothes my mind & soul.Kishori Amonker is SUPERB.There was no artist near to her in her lifetime & there will be none in decades to come.

Always superb! Speechless! No words in dictionary for Most Reaspected Classical Singer ..... She is with ShreeKrishna already .... My Pranaam

Neelay can you please post the lyrics of the Bandish please?

thank you very much Neelay, very beautiful indeed, Kishori tai is very gifted and when she sings, Beauty manifests itself.

so beautiful....beyond words...!!

Vidushi Kishoriji is a true classical artist. Majority of today's artist can not keep suha different from Nayaki. She managed it throughout. It is easy to sing fairly independent rags like Yemen, Malkauns, Bageshri etc.But singing a rag with clear identity which has three or four very close ragas needs Gharana training and intelligence.

फारच छान प्रयत्न नीलय. जर या कलाकरांची भजने एेकायला मिळाली तर बहार येईल.

one and only

the queen .

great for classical lovers


@davidwanderung yes, what you have pointed out is true. but it is not wrong at all to begin with S R g as this sangati is a very important part of Nayaki Kanada. since this is a jod raag, you can show the separate identities of the two converging raagas. and these sangatis could also be incorporated into the bandish.

what Bhatkhandeji wrote is the general rule common to all gharanas, but there surely are slight deviations from gharana to gharana.

thanks for pointing this out :) .regards


Nice clip. May I point out that the first thing that Kishori tai sings in aochar is 'S R ~g'. In the bandish itself - 'Payal' is S R g and 'Kaise kar aauN' is (n)S R ~g m P P. Theory should follow reality and not the opposite :-). This is very common with Jaipur Suha-s, and others too by the way. Whatever Bhatkhande-ji wrote, must have been about another gharana's Suha.

thanks for the melody. Great indeed

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Raga Suha Kishori Amonkar by Various full Video

Raga Suha Kishori Amonkar Various Album Mp3 Song.Raga Suha Kishori Amonkar song belongs to Hindustani Instrumental, Raga Suha Kishori Amonkar by Various, Raga Suha Kishori Amonkar available To free download ,Download Various Raga Suha Kishori Amonkar Mp3 Song. Raga Suha Kishori Amonkar Hindustani Instrumental released on 2017-08-04 19:33:17.This is from the early 80s Note this and other uploads on this channel are purely for popularisation and preservation of classical music. Shudh Nat Live in Sur Rang Sanmelan November 1979 Suha Performed in Pune Tilak Kamod Live in Concert Kolhapur October 1982 Vidushi Smt Kishori Amonkar Shriram Sankarlal Music. This excerpt in Raga Suha Khyal in Madhyalaya in Teentaal or 16 beat cycle by Smt Kishori Amonkar is from her performance at Navras Records Sama Arts Concert at London s Kufa Gallery in. We present a Drut Khayal in Ektaal 12 beat cycle of the afternoon melody Raga Bhimpalasi by the incredible Kishori Amonkar the doyenne of Hindustani Vocal Music This excerpt is from a. Vidushi Kishori Amonkar Raag Gaud Malhar Enjoy. From the early 80s Note this and other uploads on thi channel are purely for preserving and popularising classical music.

Vidushi Smt Kishori Amonkar Raag Jaunpuri Radio Sangeet Sammelan Jan 1977 e baaje jhanana jhanana choom chananana choom chananana bichuvaa Source From the archives of MM Rao Harihar. I can t describe the urge and craving I had to listen to Raga Basant...