Random Acid Cool mp3 song

Categories: Album and Dance.

Albums: Over Me.

Singers: Acid Cool.

Released : 16 Jul, 2017

Duration : 03:42 min

Downloads : 6.18 million

“Acid is not like this” then you, my friend, have not taken enough acid at once...

I've watched this a lot. It fills me with an abstract longingness that harkens to an unknown past and a comforting prelude to the future. I decided to watch it with a psychoactive stimulus and it told quite a comforting story. The art was fluid yet constant. The music was envigorating and relaxing. It's flawless.

Okay... I couldn't help but notice the art style of at least 2 shows. 0:21 looks like Super Jail 1:04 is definitely Sick Animation. Anything else recognizable?

Nice work

Jerry hiding

This is so cool

yup almost 3 30 am and imma watch itits 3 11 am

😠 I'm not a idiot Rick I can-😦😮😦😧 LOL

That schrodinger's cat shit had me dying lmfaoOn a side note pure acid is a yellow crystal so wtf


WHEN I have nightmares they are usually like this, kinda like old disney cartoons

dont do drugs

Did anyone notice his dad in all the ricks 😂

dont do drugs kids

Acid trip

That was great wubba lubba dub dub

1:42 that is some messed up shit it's like cuphead

How high was Justin when he decided to make this?

Is the whole show like this, bad jokes and pop culture references?

Morty dropped somthingreeeal gooooood

yo...i have to admit this stuff is fuckin good man... higher than ever..

Damn, that's a more intense trip than I've ever had..

So trippy


This is Trippy as fuck

Nice Cuphead Refrence!

what. the. actual. fuck. woah.

Naw fam that was like pure dmt bruh

ooooh, i wanna try acid now

Holy Shit where can I get acid like that?!

Q brisa loka parça

WTF is it?

Like dont hug me im scared

I’m not an idiot, Rick I’m not gonna dro- drops

Should be called rick and morty do a dab of dmt

Nibba just put it on the shelf by your self


Dont take Drucks


Tripping on acid rn lol this shit is the best

Artistic genius

Female morty looking thick.

Creepy Birdperson peeping in window 1:59 lol

Que es lo que acavo de ver?

The twist at the end makes sense, it does remind me of that acid trip I went on

00:13 Jerry :v

Damn that background music! Morty may have dropped the acid but those animators DROPPED THE BASE!

Why does this video feel like its 20 minutes long?

LCD effect and Marihuana effect

Thanks for the IQ boost

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