Range Rover Harj Nagra mp3 song

Categories: Album and Punjabi.

Albums: Range Rover.

Singers: Harj Nagra.

Released : 24 Apr, 2015

Duration : 04:22 min

Downloads : 1.43 million

Love from Deutschland 🇩🇪

this is not so hawe it. plz turn the banga banga down

Maruti 800 ch ghume tera yaar ni o rangera nu kon puchda.......

What does Lanceraan nu kaun pachda even mean?? Mitsubishi Lancer??

ਮਾਮਾ Range Rover ਕੀ ਛੈ ਆ, ਰੁਲ਼ਦੀ ਿਫਰਦੀ ਆ!! ਜੱਟ ਤਾਂ 8 ਸਲੰਡਰ limited addition pikka ਰੱਖਣ ਦਾ ਸ਼ੋਕੀ ਆ ਉਹ ਵੀ zimidar (number plate) ਨਾਲ!!

Sala bander

unreliable Range Rovera nu kon puchda

Nawanshahar karke veere like krde song nu song b kaim aa vaise


att song👌👌

att song👌👌

att song👌👌

range rovera ghuman hajar ni lancer a swaal muchh da ... dumbass ganja


I have a 2017 Range Rover SVR and I never play this song because 10 years ago when I came from India I used to have a Lancer and I know how hard it is to go from Lancer to Range Rover!

Shit song sung by potato head lun.

Sick song

This loser went to prison for fraud

c63 vich

See Benny makes amazing songs and harj nagra

I had respect for Benny .. ahh tu ki karta Benny bhaaa ? dafaq is this ?

heavy song

fuckin heavy song.....

bloody love this song hahaah

Benny jumping like a kid at a party ahahahaha

I like benny bhangra style - 2:24 Watch it out :)

One day I'll have a Range Rover Sport SVR. That's my dream car.

Did anyone realize this was "available on iTunes"?



Send me all the phone numbers of the women in the video.Thanks.

whats the name of the girl dancing towards end of video in the red ish punjabi suit?

good song

Dumbest song I ever heard

wase nice song ha

srijit brother rover fault bht ha pr sano ki lge esi kdy bmw kedy etc eh te mn wasy hi joke kita

Ban ke parauna bush da .... Hahaha ... Best line ....

Good job benny

no disrespect propa joke ting

pathetic comments - love dis track- gorgeous benny and harj 😘😍😘

benny jumping around like he got a spring up his ASSS AHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH

I see u Dhaliwal ji...beast mode!



way to much pump. speaker cannot handle my friend

stupid video... could have done so much better. I genuinely thought there would be a story to this vid

That intro tho dafuqq

aik dam bakwaaassssss gana

awesome song bro

i use to love bhangra than these clowns came and start singing about cars pls stop these idiots from singing

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Range Rover Harj Nagra Album Mp3 Song. Range Rover song belongs to Punjabi, Range Rover by Harj Nagra, Range Rover available To free download ,Download Harj Nagra Range Rover Mp3 Song. Range Rover Punjabi released on 2017-08-04 20:26:41.Track Range Rover Artist Benny Dhaliwal. Moviebox Bobby Nagra Present Dil Vaarda By Harj Nagra Sukshinder Shinda Video By Director Gifty Lyrics By Sewak Brar iTUNES LINK. Cafe Walia CREATIONS. RangeRover Singer Garry Deol Rapper Mish Music Mr Lovees Lyrics Cammy Dhillon Video Rupan Bal. 21Inch latest single by Raj Sandhu feat Shrey Sean Harj Nagra iTunes Apple Music Spotify Google Play. SINGER BUNTY ANMOL LYRICS LAVI JOGIPURIA MUSIC ROSTER Z PRODUCER. Full video song. SONG GAL BAATH SINGER JASBIR THABAL MUSIC HARJ NAGRA LYRICS MANINDER KAILEY PROJECT BY HARI B iTunes Apple Music Spotify GooglePlay.

Enjoy Benny Dhaliwal In range rover. Don t forget to subscribe Thanks for watching Lyrics Of Range Rover By Harj Nagra And Benny Dhaliwal Nitt saada rehnda billo chandigarh gerha Dasde ni ithe saade warga a kehra Assi zindagi. Please watch Black White Munde True Story Video Elly Mangat Only Jashan Latest Punjabi Songs 2017 Album. Please watch Black White Munde True Story Video Elly Mangat Only Jashan Latest Punjabi Songs 2017 Thug. Love u Benny Dhaliwal Enjoy kro. Halo pemirsa GridOto Inilah Range Rover Velar Bukan sembarang Velar ini merupakan Velar 3 0 R Dynamic First Edition yang menjadi Velar termewah...