Returning To Now Karunesh mp3 song

Categories: Album and Fusion.

Albums: Zen Breakfast.

Singers: Karunesh.

Released : 18 Mar, 2011

Duration : 09:01 min

Downloads : 437.24K

karunesh realised the essence of India

Magnifique😍Mais quelle mélancolie et quelle tristesse se dégagent de cette musique...ça m arrache le coeur et j en pleure!!vraiment très beau.merci.

The peace .. this is poetry of waris shah. Amazing poet he was.

Why didn t i find u years ago xxx




Is this in 432hz?


harika ötesi

when I listen to this melody it gives me a nostalgia to cry and cry like I mourn to an impossible love in my past life. I dreamed of this melody and like a movie in the dream, many people were throwing stones at me and shouting things to me. there I understood that it was an impossible love ❤️

I think 💭 my other life I was Indian woman .

..... EXQUISITO !!!!!!.......gracias !!!!! schaatc... saludos desde Argentina.

so... so beautifull. thank you

Amazing, soooo powerful!!!!

Niech się stanie !

I suggest that life is good! Life is joy, inner peace and true bliss! Let's lift our arms into the sky and jump of joy and celebrate life's beauty and richness (fullness)! :-) I think 2017 is about to be a rather good year. You think so too?

Best meditation I have ever had the pleasure to hear. peace and love to being open to all Elements in the spirit world :)

It is really a magic experience


divine music''

Beautifu l..

Odprowadziłem mamę (98 lat) w ostatnią drogę, którą ta muzyka obrazuje. Słucham i ...

So amazing...

es buena musica para meditar y relajarse!!!


Who is singing?

no solo relaja, si no que te transporta...

dehşet ul wahşed

az ma mrazy. nadhera.



я рас творяюсь

Piękna muzyka

Thank you Karusnesh

This music is divine, it comes from Heaven and it's there it takes you while you're listening. The tones, the vibrations goes stright you, lift you up and take you to a higher level. Such music stimulates the chacras in the best way. It higher our energies. It gives us peaces of Heaven and true bliss. I love every song by Karunesh, every single tone and "Returning to now" is one of the very best.



Magnifique, C'est l'envolée vers des horizons lointains et magiques

Come stroll in Brazilin my house

You are beautiful

Magnifique !

Vishnu and this song are the masterpieces of Karunesh.

Love Karunesh. Thankyou so much for the info.


Very beautiful!

Beau, sublime, extra ... Céleste !

Excelente música, es increible como nos lleva a momentos de paz y meditación. Excelente Karunesh!

Dear Shaatc,I have frisson all over my body at listening this Karunesh music...Returning from the past...or from the future...?! now...what a question to human...JOŠi, on 05012016, 07.10 AM...Happy New Year 2016 from Slovakia

from  albania

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Returning To Now by Karunesh full Video

Returning To Now Karunesh Album Mp3 Song.Returning To Now song belongs to Fusion, Returning To Now by Karunesh, Returning To Now available To free download ,Download Karunesh Returning To Now Mp3 Song. Returning To Now Fusion released on 2017-08-04 15:00:27.Namast Please come back soon Specific information is going to be added later on Gratitude to Wendy Anderson for the beautiful take Enjoy Om Shanti Blessings to You. Karunesh Return Of The Rains. Worldwuan Videos Un Mundo Fenomenal Born in Cologne Germany in 1956 Karunesh released his first album Sounds of the Heart in 1984 which. L esp rance est un de ces rem des qui ne gu rissent pas mais qui permettent de souffrir plus longtemps Marcel Achard. V A Claude Challe Nirvana Lounge 02 CD1 01. Namast Music by Karunesh 00 08 Moon Temple 5 57 Calling Wisdom 11 30 Breathing Silence 18 43 Remembering to Forget 24 46 Zen Breakfast.

Namast Music by Karunesh 00 27 For the Joy of it All 06 56 Hearing You Now 13 47 Monsoon s Dance 20 44 Mount Kailash 26 43 Sunrise. Photos of Sri Anandamayi Ma with Returning to Now sung by Karunesh from the album Enlightenment A Sacred Collection. Karunesh meditation relaxing. Karunesh is a German born new age and ambient musician His music has strong Indian Middle Eastern influences and various world percussion instrument Beautiful Chillout Music Karunesh Music. Karunesh hearing you now. Karunesh Returning To Now from Oriental Wisdom II Mandarin Oriental Hong...