Rockstar 101 (Loose Cannons Black Guitar R Locks Radio Clean) Rihanna mp3 song

Categories: Album and House.

Albums: Rockstar.

Singers: Rihanna.

Released : 06 Jan, 2017

Duration : 04:28 min

Downloads : 21.64 million

she dances like god

Can we be each other’s compan...... opps wrong song

I want her body

G! Tinashe U'r unbelievable dancer and your songs makes me not only want to dance, they actually makes me dance if I want or if I don't...just moving to every single rhytm. Awesome!

Came here bcz of JHope.

I don t really like the song but the end part with the slowed down voice etc is si great she should have played more with this


want JID to rap over this instrumental.

happy birthday girlie

is sis on hixtape orrrrr

That dance at 3:33 reminds me about the dance move in Mic Drop!

I love the dancing

I want to know her more for sure

Her moves are so precise holy shit.... I wanna learn them too .

Ok ... I understand why all the divine South Korean guys are crazy about this woman. She is fabulous.

This is so hot

this is so good omg

I really wish the video version was on Spotify bc i love the ending in the youtube video

I swear this chick better than so many of these wack ass females in the business and sure as hell under rated 😘


First we feast brought me here

Someone told me she's transgender. She's BEAUTIFUL!

her dancing is serious

The new Ciara

When you wish you could dance like that

Hino injustiçado

Work it Tanisha! Love the sexy choreography!Go, Jake! :D

I like how she talkin on this 🤔😍😍

They should play this song during a corporate hostile takeover of one company buying up another company "I just want your company.... I just want your company" as they all dance to making money off of people getting fired. And why do you deserve sympathy for working at a failing company and expecting to have a job at the end of the month? It's like getting on board a sinking ship and getting mad when we don't feel sorry for you when the ship starts to sink when you should have known the ship was sinking before you joined... LOL if a company can't be profitable it's it really a company is it? More like someone's expensive hobby, a business LARP, some people just like to dress up in suits and pretend they are important when most people could definitely be working at home... even the richest nations on earth like the USA is full of inefficiency and retard corruption that holds EVERYONE on EARTH back! USA should be so rich right now that we should be able to hire very last unemployed person in the USA and THEN move on to tackling GLOBAL unemployment and REMOTELY employ in EVERY other country on EARTH giving jobs to everyone WITHOUT them even ever having to come here! They can come here for vacation after they become rich from working for American online business people, like us at


Her music isn't that good. The videos are great though.

she so dope.


One take😱😱😱👍❤

Fuck she can dance. Amazing. Sexy AF also, she can move alright.

Serving up Aaliyah and Ciara.I’m here for this

I only knew her from 2 On but then forgot about her till jhope, and now i regret forgetting about her bc she's so talented and underrated :'(


I'm here just because J-hope said he would collabrate with Tinashe. I didn't knew her, now i know who she is!!!


Over 21 million views and can't even get 21Million record sales!! She's been robbed


I love that knee slide!!! and splits at the end !! amazing!!!

Brilliant dance choreography, your eyes just become fixated on her!!!! those moves!!!!! WOW!!!!!

There is the Guy who played on high school musical behind (nam's: Chad I thinks 😂)


She deserves more😉😉

excuse me why have i been sleeping on this WOMAN


best dance video ever

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Rockstar 101 (Loose Cannons Black Guitar R Locks Radio Clean) by Instrumental full Video

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