Roving Jewel The Coral mp3 song

Categories: Album and Indie.

Albums: Butterfly House CD1.

Singers: The Coral.

Released : 12 Jul, 2010

Duration : 03:16 min

Downloads : 109.66K

Great song!

probably the coral's most underrated song and now my all time favorite

Timeless beauty.....

celestial song. top notch music!! massive support from belgium!

@modplugrad there are a lot of really good indie bands, and i'm sure i dont need to name them, people who listen to indie know what i mean.

The Coral should re-record this with Lee playing an electric like he did on the early live versions. Personally i think this album version could of been much better . Listen to the version they did at the trof bar in manchester for example.

Wow this album is great! Everybody, BUY BUTTERFLY HOUSE !

oliver & benji!!


wonderfully mysterious!

Nice Guitars

best contemporary band without question

awesome album!!!

@oliverbayley1 . theres a live version on here somewhere thats a couple of years old. Recorded at the new trof bar in manchester. Its ace.

great song. preferred the early demos when it was electic tho

Seen em live at Salford Lowry t'other week - quality band, so under-rated its untrue......

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Roving Jewel Lyrics

I used to call
At The Roving Jewel
I'd stay there
For the winter
Pinned inside of me
Like the scarlet curtains
Hanging in the window
Bows of silk
And strands of hair
All the pages
Lying empty
Seems to me
A mystery
Like the scarlet curtains
Hanging in the window
Paper flowers
On the table
Thought I'd left them
By the door
All the pictures
They have fallen
Many times before
I've bid farewell
To the Roving Jewel
Secrets sleeping
In the barley
Silver skies
Things I've left behind
And the scarlet curtains
Hanging in the window...

Roving Jewel by The Coral full Video

Roving Jewel The Coral Album Mp3 Song.Roving Jewel song belongs to Indie, Roving Jewel by The Coral, Roving Jewel available To free download ,Download The Coral Roving Jewel Mp3 Song. Roving Jewel Indie released on 2017-08-03 19:38:39.From their album Roots Echoes. This one goes out to my grandparents and the Grand Ole Opry. Roving Jewel by The Coral from their new album Butterfly House Acoustic Released on 6th December 2010. Artzie Music 1 Destination for Unique Music Subscribe to us Get Late Night Fingers here Check out more. The Coral ea Britpopbende.

New tune Roving Jewel from the Coral s new album Butterfly House live at T. Music video by The Coral performing Secret Kiss C 2003 Deltasonic Records 2002 Ltd. Live cover of Roving Jewel The Coral by Mike Culligan Westfield Electro Acoustic guitar Jambone harmonica Burswood 5 watt battery amplifier. The Coral Roving Jewel K ln Luxor 27 10 2010. Album released on 12th July 2010 Disc 1 1 More Than A Lover 2 Roving Jewel 3 Walking In The Winter 4 Sandhills 5 Butterfly House 6 Green Is The Colour 7 Falling. A friend won a competition to watch The Coral record 4 tracks live and direct to vinyl Fascinating stuff The band were total pros and pretty sound to boot This is just a couple of snippets. Butterfly House Acoustic Version song by song album preview Released on 6th December 2010 Pre order on Amazon co uk. To download the full session go to www bobjuice co uk. The Coral Roving Jewel from...