Sahiba Dj Frank mp3 song

Categories: Punjabi and UkAndDJ.

Albums: Back To Folk.

Singers: Dj Frank.

Released : 01 Nov, 2011

Duration : 06:27 min

Downloads : 123.4K

really nice rendition...Gonzaga is simply fabulous here

Tha song I listening from my childhood .. too good - gonzaga coutinho and team

Takes me back to the good old days of Goa! When I visited my Granparents

what a amazing song

can u upload chord and tabs for this song

Makes me to feel that leave everything and go back to Goa.

Viva Goan


i am a Goan and i have grown up listening to and singing this song. this video revived all the sweet memories of my past. thank you for making this video

just amaing

it is great listening pleasure


konkani song are always awesome...

simply superb.... keep it up ..

very nice....

Excelentes 6:26...!! Encanto de música...harmonia perfeita da voz, arranjo, interpretações e vídeo...Parabéns Gonzaga

"mhaka saiba vattu kolona"--the story of my recent life.Love that this uploader has provided the lyrics. Wish more would provide the Konkani lyrics!

well sung i listen again n again

sir i like this song very much thanks for showing it on youtube and i have shared it

Beautiful . Touched my soul!!

gentle harmony, and the enjoyment of the artists in their creation is just so evident.

Perfect fusion of vocals (Gonzaga), instruments and visual = nostalgia !

gonzaga coutinho. i juss luv u. seriously ur d best ... feels awesome to listn to u everytym.

Lindo. É justamente a cultura goesa que deve cultivada e preservada.

Awesum million times better then REmo

Lovely video.  Thanks for uploading on youtube.  Hope to see many more konkani videos on ytube. Best wishes. 

Such beautiful music. It is truly outstanding and is a tribute to the skills of Gonzaga and his team, especially the superb violinist, Rita Mendes. I hope they release many more CDs in the near future.

amazing! the best song i ever heard!

Never seen like this song

Evergreen song ......

Simply divine. Dev borem koru. L♥ve u. Barbara de Costa Pimenta, Goa

Well sung. I love listening over and over again. Thank you Gonzaga and your group.

never heard anything like this. its mind blowing

A good blend of music. Something very new and very pleasant

Love it

hi could you send me haon saiba lyrics to my mail?

my mail id is [email protected]


Excellent performance

well sung wellplayed violin

niceeee well sung

Absolutely loved it. Will buy the album. Thank you!!


...but in the English translation of the lyric, 'Voilea voilea dongrar udoku kongrem

Udoku kongrem zalear, kolvontu mogrem' this line hasn't been translated. Could you also please provide it?

Nostalgia.Beautifully sung and tastefully put together.Well done.My parents and in laws would have enjoyed this.

Are DVDs of this group available in Panjim?

हांव सायबा , पैलतोडी वेताम ?

दामुल्या लोग्नाक वेताम?

माका सायबां वाट दाखोय, माका सायबा वाट कोळोना...

दामुलिया लोग्नाक कोळवंताचो खेलु...

अगा मोज्या तारिया मामा...

अगा मोज्या ..

आमकां वरोन पावुस पल्तोडी वोइ पलतोडी...

घे घे घे घे , घे गा सायबां ...

माका नाका गो , माका नाका गो....

उयल्या उयल्या डोंग्रार, उदोकु कोंगरें

उदोकु काँगरेर झाल्यार कोलवन्तु माँग्रेम...

अगे नारी तुज्या नाकातली नोथ(नथ), नाका सोरी...

अगे नारी तुज्या पायांतली पायंजणा, पायाम सोरी...

सोया रे सोया रे हांव देखणी नाचतांव.....

Back in Mumbai after a trip to Goa in which I fell in love...with Goa! This song helps continue my affaire de coure...The key question in the song whether in the end the Ferryman takes the Dancer across the river to a wedding party remains unanswered...In Manohar Malgonkar's words, the song "must touch some responsive chord among all, some echo of an unrequited longing, an unreachable goal, broken love affair or lost mooring"... Beautiful song, beautifully rendered and presented Bravo!!

Hi. We are so glad so many of you have been enjoying the song. For those of you requesting lyrics, these have now been posted in the video description - Enjoy!

Hi. Lyrics have been posted now in the video description. Enjoy!

This man is amazing. I am a MALLU. No idea about the meaning of this song but man the music is too good.

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Sahiba Dj Frank Punjabi Mp3 Song. Sahiba song belongs to UkAndDJ, Sahiba by Dj Frank, Sahiba available To free download ,Download Dj Frank Sahiba Mp3 Song. Sahiba UkAndDJ released on 2017-08-04 23:44:35.DJ REKE LEVANTE MAN A CHAPTER 21 14. Subscribe Aisaa Satgur Lorh Lahu 0 00 01 Dhan Dhan Gur 0 11 43 Har Kee aa Sadaa Vadi 0 20 12 Mayrai Hirdai Sudh Budh Visar 0 28 56 Sabhanaa Kaa. Salsa social ru 2014 New Year Party Instructor choreography Yavorskaya Sveta Dayan Horta. Islam is the only Solution for all the Humanity. SUBSCRIBE US Amazon Song Mere Saheban Singer Dilraj Album Dil Ton Dil Tak Lyrics Sajan Kohar Music. Yes it s finally up my wedding day highlights I have covered hundreds of weddings over the years and to finally be the bride and having the task to edit my own wedding was a bit overwhelming. Check husband s expressions.

Gorgio Armani s Shoot By Frank Jazz MODEL SHER BALTEJ DAISY NARAYAN. Track Mere Sahiba Kaun Jaane Gun Tere Album Tu Dariyaau Singer Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar Music Director Bhai Ravinder Singh Ji Hazoori Ragi Sri. From Gonzaga s album Traditional and Popular Songs from Goa Shangri la Goa Available on ITunes Amazon UK. 1 hawaein tabla cover mix 2 hawaein hawaein mix 3 hawaein tabla version 4 hawaein tabla beat 2017 hiii friends beats bolega is all about tabl mix tabla cover alll about fr your entertainmen. 2017 song Dj Nagpuri hit watching link plz my channel subscribe now kapda...