Say Hello To Goodbye Shontelle mp3 song

Categories: Album and R And B.

Albums: No Gravity.

Singers: Shontelle.

Released : 21 May, 2011

Duration : 03:56 min

Downloads : 9.84 million


shontelle come back please

Why did she stop

if you came back I will give you a loliboop

come back shontelle

¿Qué pasó con ella? 😵 ¿No hace más música?

2017 ?


donde estas shontelle ?

Que talento!!! Linda voz, volta shontelle.. Please

linda cancao e que voz maravilhosa

I don't wanna say Hello to Goodbye to you Shontelle! 💔Please come back 😔

Come back please 😔💔

Her voice was so good..... she’s so beautiful...... her songs are amazing.... please continue your music😔❤️

Who else misses her?Her voice is just so powerful and amazing!Like if you agree.

comeback shontelle <3

love it

wow we need more of that come back shontelle

Hồi cấp 3 thích 1 đứa song lúc chuyển lớp buồn dã man, mà dm n có người yêu cơ chứ, mà dhs đứa nào mình crush y rằng kiểu del gì ngoài vòng tay mình là có gấu hết :(


I miss her voice and beautiful songs! 😢

Come back shontelle we miss you

I like her songs and i still listen to them from time to time

Love this song this woman is amazing

Septem2017 anyone?

Shontelle aka Russian Marc Resetin💁💘💝

I feel avril lavigne vibes at first heard

where is Shontelle now?



20 aug 2017 😍😍😍

So talented I hate to see how many underrated artists are out there !

where has she been

Someone in 2017?

when will you come back😭😭😭

I love the guitar in this song

want you back . please sing again .

cade suas musicas novas vai vc consegue

who's watching it in 2017 July? No wonder my friends call me old school because such songs are always on my track list lol

anyone whatch this in 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 causse i'm gonna watch it till i die

I need more songs

I love all her song,she is an amazing singer,I want to hear more from her,please sing for us again.

What ever happened to her?????? :/.... Lol. :).

Where is she? :c

2017 ❤️❤️

New music please your so talented!


who's watching in 2017???? love this girl's voice so much. Please come back shontelle! :(

I remember knowing this song by heart since I was like 6 and now I'm 12 and I still listen to this song😂❤️

Why last song ? :( she is like there going somewhere

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Say Hello To Goodbye Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Hey there, stranger
How you been?
Feels like I'm standing on the outside looking in
At the mess we left behind

And it's a long way to fall
I gave you everything I had
I gave it all
And then my heart was on the line

I can't hate you any longer
I know I'm going to miss you
I'll forget it and let it go

Say hello to goodbye
Cause it's gone forever
No more try
You and I
Not now, not ever

And I'll get by without you
I'm not going back again
I'm not going to lie to you
'Cause that was there and only then

Say hello to goodbye
Say hello...

[Verse 2:]
And this is how it has to be
Cause it's a deadly combination
You and me

You know it's undeniable
Even though we tried it all
We brought the worst out in each other
I recall
We can't act it anymore

What doesn't kill you
It makes you stronger
And though I'm going to miss you
I'll forget it and let you go

[Repeat Chorus:]

And even though the tears will dry
I can't completely disconnect
Couldn't make the compromise
Didn't have a safety net

Say hello to goodbye
Hey, yeah, yeah
Say hello

[Repeat Chorus:]

Say Hello To Goodbye by Shontelle full Video

Say Hello To Goodbye Shontelle Album Mp3 Song.Say Hello To Goodbye song belongs to R And B, Say Hello To Goodbye by Shontelle, Say Hello To Goodbye available To free download ,Download Shontelle Say Hello To Goodbye Mp3 Song. Say Hello To Goodbye R And B released on 2017-08-03 23:56:27.Created with Sing Karaoke on Smule. Download the Full HQ version at www gendermorph blogspot com To request a song to be made please do so in the comments below. Shontelle performs her song Say Hello to Goodbye live in The Q Performance Lounge. T n th t Shontelle Layne Ng y sinh 04 10 Shontelle Layne sinh ng y 4 th ng 10 1985 hay c n c bi t v i t n Shontelle l m t ca s nh c s v rapper ng i. Say hello to goodbye by Shontelle Sang by Anna. Shontelle performs her new hit single Say Hello to Goodbye. UKM 2012 Ungdommens kulturm nstring. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG new shontelle song say hello to goodbye with the lyrics on the screen really beautiful song Hey you stranger how you been Feels like i m standing on the outside looking. Shontelle s newest single off of her No Gravity album.

Just wanna give it a try to actually hear my voice recorded lol. Piano Backing by nathantanner01 Hey i decided to do a cover of Shontelle s Say Hello To Goodbye She is such an AMAZING singer and i had the. Music video by Shontelle performing Say Hello To Goodbye C 2011 Universal Records a Division of UMG Recordings Inc and SRC Records Inc. Here is my attempt of Say Hello To Goodbye by Shontelle This...