Shu Bole Kukdo Various mp3 song

Categories: Album and Gujarati.

Albums: Gujarati Baal Geet CD 2.

Singers: Various.

Released : 24 Jul, 2008

Duration : 04:35 min

Downloads : 371.12K

This is my fav song


who is the singer of this beautiful song?

Good songs

legendary songwriter late hason raja chowdruy .



Riopn 424

song is beautiful .but the dance  and act not match with this  song

joglu /sylhet

Excellent dance..............,

Love song but that bitch can't dance to save her life

super so very nice song

people tell me to make my house and family......but i say whats the use of make house when my hair grey ...dont know how long am going live........only if i knew how long i was going to live.....!! then u tell me the rest bitchz!!!!!

Ishita is most beautiful and cute actress in BD.

amader valobasha ki tumakey chuttoti rakha dilo

@kean1000 and also because of the lighting. they probably filmed with full sun light so you can tell when she is looking up she's having problems with the facial and eye expressions

Ishita looks so lokkhi ,,

Ishita is a much better dancer than this. As a dancer myself I can tell the sand underneath her feet in and probably the directors instruction to keep her movements within a short range (close ups) made her whole dance routine looks kinda weird. You can tell in the long shots that she is much better (casual free movements).


hahaha.i stop here. do yu too?

damn crazy,it is yu that used foul language. yu r same uncivilised like american idiot.

yu r drunk low life. I guess yur mother did never etach yu how to beheave? idiot

if yu do not like get out from here than useing such a indecent language against a woman who is most probably yur fellow country man,

well i knew only taht she acts on tv and or cinema but i did not klnow that she dance well.I think she danced very perfectly with a decent clothing and in a very decent way of momvement. I feel me really proud of her

Banglar gorvo Eshita,khub-e shundur nretto ami tahar shukhi,somreddo jebon o sorbo khetre sofolota kamona kori.

i got grey hair now

life is going

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Shu Bole Kukdo by Various full Video

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