Spanish Key Miles Davis mp3 song

Categories: Album and Jazz.

Albums: Bitches Brew.

Singers: Miles Davis.

Released : 27 Jan, 2011

Duration : 17:35 min

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So cool!!!


Love johnms guitar work (acoustic with pickup) but the bass clarinet from Bernie is a ghostly presence. If you can't appreciate what this is about go home and listen to pop. It's all good but this is the root

The counterpoint on Miles opening solo is crazy!!!

I've listened to BB and Spanish Key about 473,000,000 times. I have concluded that this is the greatest song ever recorded

this is masterpiece i really love it im only 22 and i enjoy miles davis music, its so intens its like he tring to tell us a massange. No words just thoughts. I wish more youth would engage in appreciate the fine art in history.

First live exposure was Dec 1970 at Massey Hall on acid at the end of my hippy phase.

This reminds me of Dirty Harry.

the coolest man of all time the most beautiful music of all time especially Kind of Blue and the song So What and b**** Brew Jack Johnson milestones so many more he is and always will be the man

whats the movement ?

I see black people

pharoah's dance is the best cut on BB in my humble opinion... but spanish key is a close second

and the album cover i think is one of the best album covers of all time

fantastic track to listen to at night time,


A smorgasbord for the soul.

Bennie wailing on the whale horn OK fine

Lo mejor que he escuchado en toda mi vida. Gracias Miles Davis🎷

domaća rakija i pasulj od juče

Tell me this don't sound like an Ali--Frazier soundtrack. Back and forth they go...drums, horns, key board...and every time you think (just like in them three fights) one (of them instruments/fighters) is on the ropes ready to go comes comes Frazier. Tell me you're a fight fan and you can't "see" them legends going toe to toe when you hear this song...and I'll say they need to put some smelling salts under your nose.

Best part I feel is the groove that starts at 3:14, it transitions from abstract to groovy so well, I love it!


Collateral brought me here

the 'must have'

Love that lick at 16:18ish..


I've always loved the moment around 13:00 where it feels like everything is beautifully crumbling only to be put back together again after. Sublime

20세기 음악 중에 Ligeti의 Piano Etudes와 이게 나한테는 최고다.

(Ted Gioia)

This spoke to me....Great album. I've had it since it was released. Changed my Musical life for ever.

GOD of Music

The section starting around 12:46, and particularly at 13:00, has always sounded so important to me. Miles is really speaking to the listener here. One of my favorite albums of all time.

A great tune... the saxophone solo is especially cool!!!

Bought this album 10 years ago, and instantly blew me away.  I had the feeling I was in "Logan's Run" it was SO OUT OF THIS WORLD. And I had wandered into a thousands years in the future.  An astounding effect on me personally - and that's without taking anything -   I must buy it again on 180g vinyl.

You must acquire a taste for free-form Jazz.

For Adults My Ass

Many thanks for posting this. Brilliant.

My body is moving to the music while my mind is paused in 'AWE'! My hips are rotating one way to the beat, as my shoulders move to a different beat, and my hands write Miles Davis in the air above me. This is truly a gift from the Gods. Peace out, I have to keep grooving.

Miles Davis - Spanish Key

Great tune. Sounds like a late 60's freak out orgy

Miles always ran the voodoo down. I loved to listen to this album on Orange Sunshine in the 1960's/1970's. FU if you don't understand.

Jazz question

A timeless collaboration much insane talent in one group! Improvisation extraordinaire!

This music was a century before its time.

13:04 Oh god

Spanish Key evokes some sort of menace.

Anyone knows what sick chord John played is at 4:12?

In an interview with Jack DeJohnette, he said that Bitches Brew was not complicated music.  Maybe so, but on this song, 10 interesting or surprising things may be going on at the same time or in succession. I can never get my head completely around it.

Never gave jazz the time of day until I heard Bitches Brew.

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Spanish Key by Miles Davis full Video

Spanish Key Miles Davis Album Mp3 Song.Spanish Key song belongs to Jazz, Spanish Key by Miles Davis, Spanish Key available To free download ,Download Miles Davis Spanish Key Mp3 Song. Spanish Key Jazz released on 2017-08-03 23:27:14.Some band playing MIles Davis Spanish Key. Tema extra do del segundo cd del disco Bitches Brew realizado en 1970 por Miles Davis. I do not own the music or image All rights go to their respective owners The Davis Estate and Columbia Records RIP Mr Davis Jazz wouldn t be the same without you Track list 1. Miles Davis Quintet Miles Davis tp Wayne Shorter ss ts Chick Corea el p Dave Holland bs el b Jack DeJohnette ds Live in Antibes France July 26 1969. From Miles Davis Bitches Brew album released on Columbia Records 1970 single version. Bitches Brew is a studio double album by American jazz musician Miles Davis released on March 30 1970 on Columbia Records The album continued his experimentation with electric instruments. The 3rd track of Miles Davis s 1970 album Bitches Brew. Miles Davis Full Concert Recorded Live 8 18 1970 Tanglewood Lenox MA More Miles Davis at Music Vault Subscribe to Music Vault Setlist. Choir Fight Jazz in the Park Milwaukee WI June 10 2010 www jamiebreiwick net Jamie Breiwick trumpet Aaron Gardner tenor Steve Peplin guitar Matt Meixner rhodes Scott. Bitches Brew is a studio double album by American jazz musician Miles Davis released on March 30 1970 on Columbia Records The album continued his...