Speedn Omarion mp3 song

Categories: Album and R And B.

Albums: Ollusion.

Singers: Omarion.

Released : 11 Apr, 2010

Duration : 03:54 min

Downloads : 7.02 million


MySpace days!

2k18 👌💯

2018 🎧

Feb 2018 ❤️

Pleure 😢 de joie ❤



2018 anyone??👀

Here in 2018. Missing these times😩

2018..whose with me?

Ahh, Junior year in high school. Nostalgia is hitting me like my mom’s chancla 😩

2018 and still on it!!!

If my time is up..... wait let me put the top back on my Lambo first then I’m on my way lol

I just don’t know if you have children 👶🏼

its 2018 and still got the feels..☺

2018 who here


2018? Anyone ??

🔥 retired then fuckin fire why cuz these foos do these thangs g for the gs

Song still makes me cry

But where are the 2018 listeners at tho😭😭

2018 vibes

Question is.. is anyone listening to this in 2018!!!

If my time is UP! LET ME KNOW RIGHT NOW💕🖕


who's listening in 2018??❤❤


2018 !!!!


i love this song. what was the name of the album that this song came from?

I can play the guitar sing and play the piano and dance lol

Underrated musician

Yup! Still listening in 2018!

Got my girl 😛

2018 and still blasting this shit

Me right now, just waiting for her to hit me up so i can be speeding

Speeding to 2018

2018 ?

January 2018

My girl broke up wit me in 2010 I listened to this song on repeat 😢

My ex fiance dedicated this song to me 6 years ago when he screwed up... but he never got me back. 💔


2018 I'm speedin

I love this song so much it brings memoires


Still listening in 2018...

i like it

2018 and still here

This song makes me feel some type of way...

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Speedn Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
When I looked over my shoulder
It got a little bit colder
It’s like I lost love from an angel
And now I’m feeling like a stranger
Abandon, I’m stranded
I gotta get back to you
I called triple A
They say they on their way
Times ticking fast
Gotta see you today

But if my time is up
Let me know right now
I will find a way
To your heart again
So I’m speedin
I’m speedin (Whoa)
I’m speedin’

[Post Hook:]
Ugh, ugh, ooh, whoa whoa whoa
Ugh, ugh, ooh, whoa whoa whoa

[Verse 2:]
Ight, no time to be impatient
Just got the confirmation
And now I’m flying down the highway
She’s crying, "Try love my way"
I’m with it (so with it)
To ride away with you, girl
And give you what you need
More than your eyes could ever see


[Verse 3:]
Times moving fast but not fast enough so I’m speedin’, speedin’
I’m raced and fast but not fast enough so I’m speedin, speedin’
I’m doing 90 down the highway (highway)
Gotta make this turn, I’ll be there right away, baby
Hop out the car, I’m at your door
Open it up and there you go
I gotta scoop you in my arms


Oh, oh ho oh ahhh
Oooh oh ho oh oh ohh WHOA!
I’m speedin’ (x5)
Ohh, oh oh ohhhh
I’m speedin’

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