Tarana Ustad Amir Khan mp3 song

Categories: Album and Hindustani Instrumental.

Albums: Taskeen The Ultimate Bliss.

Singers: Ustad Amir Khan.

Released : 13 Aug, 2013

Duration : 04:42 min

Downloads : 61.88K

God is singing...No words to express..just a tear falled down ...what a time that was....

what a voice! like god singing! my favourite singer :D

Could anyone provide any information on the composition? The words sound Persian apart from tarana syllables.

Heavenly singing by a heavenly artist!

Great upload! thanks so much

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Tarana by Ustad Amir Khan full Video

Tarana Ustad Amir Khan Album Mp3 Song. Tarana song belongs to Hindustani Instrumental, Tarana by Ustad Amir Khan, Tarana available To free download ,Download Ustad Amir Khan Tarana Mp3 Song. Tarana Hindustani Instrumental released on 2017-08-04 19:33:17. Ustad Amir Khan Raag Nat Bhairav. Ustad Amir Khan singing Abhogi and Suha at All India Music Conference 1955 held in Roxy Theatre in Calcutta It is part of a longer performance where Khansahib also sang Hamsadhwani which. Khan saheb sings a beautiful Rubaidar tarana and explains the meaning of the Persian couplet. A brilliant 3 tier exposition of this evergreen raag from the Master Vilambit Jinke Man Ram Drut Aaj More Ghar Rubaidar Tarana Note this and other uploads on this channel.

Ustad Amir Khan Raga Aboghi Tarana from a live concert. Raga Nat Bhairav by Ustad Amir Khan. Ustad Amir Khan Shudh Kalyan Tarana. Ustad Amir Khan with ustad manir khan sarangi Raga Malkauns. One of my favorite recording from two legends of Indian music Ustad Amir Khan and Ustad Afaq Hussain Khan Teental 16 beats. Raga Malkauns 21 30 Amir Khan Vocals Afaque Hossain Khan Tablas Jnan Prakash Ghosh Harmonium Late Night Raga. This is an archival interview of Amir Khan This was found in my family s personal collection and I have no information regarding where or when it was recorded. Raag Yaman Kalyan Sugara Sundhrwa Balam by Ustad Amir Khan Do not own copyright uploaded in HD at. Director S N S Sastry Year...