The Joke Jasmine Sandlas mp3 song

Categories: Punjabi and Single.

Albums: The Joke.

Singers: Jasmine Sandlas.

Released : 07 Dec, 2016

Duration : 04:25 min

Downloads : 222.73K

Yep make some more English songs that's really suits you...


who is she referring to?

This is clearly a challenge for an epic rap battle. Whoever the motherfucker is should stand up to her with a response rap. That would be the way to not be a complete fuck up bitch. Jasmine's toy boy loser bitch. If you don't rap back at her soon, everyone's gonna think that you're clearly a pussy boy faglord bitch. If you do rap back at her, you're probably gonna lose, but at least people will have a little bit of respect for you for at least giving it a try, you loser motherfucker asshole bitch.

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Bad official intro


What the fuck! What a song!😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

Jasmine u r owosme. Ur words make me happy again 😁

These Lyrics seems so Personal ... if not its shitRest Is Good.

Indian lady eminem😍😍😍

this is outstanding love u jasmine love u alot

Please come in patiala

Dayum!!!!!?!?!! Wow

I Love you

I think she is referring to Mixman Shawn here...she makes mention about leaking songs. If you check his channel the song "Cellphone" was leaked in 2014, which has been officially released only last year.Anyhow, awesome rap. Straight to the point. It's commendable that a girl has the b***s to stand up for herself against some such di**heads.Good going jasmine....keep rocking. Love you!

Nyc.Osm.Supperbbbb.SøñgMa'am I am very big fan of uhh....I want to meet u in my life times.....luv uhh jasmine ma'am....😘😘😘

I love this rap mam.. want some more...!! Aur gaana to bhikari bhi gaa leta hai.. rap sirf kabil insan hi kr skte hai


Aaaah .. finallyyy .. best evr rapper !! Nd the rap song is just wooohhhh .. damnnn fuckin amazin babe .. hats offf to uhh ... Big fan of urs .. keep doing like this .. nd big thumbs uppp πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ.. love this rap song .. 😘😘😘

Only jasmine

What do mean all you boys... Blady feminist ...


u r giving msg to sm one in this song haha

jasmine didi i saw yu at the mela and truck show in canada live i was so happy

bitch sali

fuck lady

gashti sali

good vedio

indian minaj

good janu

Proud of you....You made a song on your life story...what all things happened with you...its takes courage to do this....but I am sure those who did all these things would be burning in hell after watching this..!!!


This girl screems Stockton


THE joke and pinjra r the best so faaar......go on....waiting for next fav

what is wrong with jasmine ?

why should they have been around her when she needed f***ing i mean listen to her what a foul moth bitch! why would they even look at her, what a piece of shit!

no more a fan after listening to this worthless piece of crap!!!!I don't know what they did to her, but come on, not all men are are the same just like not all women are are the same! this is one messed up bitch!you better check yourself before you wreck yourself!Cause bitches like you gets no respect.

what a cunt!

Anyone know who this songs about?

amazing i hope the person you sang this for has dug his face to shame.


Gr8 Song

you cant abuse cause you are a GIRL man . You can only listen to the Volume 1 and so many other by honey singh and other .You cant do it you know it's discrimination. Only boys can abuse , girls are only for being DISRESPECTED NOT for abusing !!! Show ur ETHICS dude . YOU ARE A GIRL REMEMBER . Im so sad after reading some of comments by some boys . They found volume 1 and etc songs COOL but not this one ! I'm Glad ... I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU <3

you killed that shit

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! I want this........Dope Track lady

Has she written this song for her ex husband.. ????I wonder... BTW absolute shit song

superb jasmine I luv u & ur voice...πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

Teri Maa nu Lun

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