The Mystery Zone Spoon mp3 song

Categories: Album and Alternative.

Albums: Transference.

Singers: Spoon.

Released : 16 May, 2011

Duration : 05:52 min

Downloads : 63.61K

great song for jogging to

so amazing

COOOL MAN! d---___---b

This came on the radio while I was driving, and I thought it was a new prog rock masterpiece by Mumford & Sons. It sounded that way. But this is a mini prog rock masterpiece, & I didn't think it was Spoon, much as I love them, didn't know they had it in them to create this type of composition. Completely awesome. The way I heard it, it had cellos & upright basses & cool harmonies. Maybe I heard someone like Mumford or the Lumineers covering this song. Whatever it was, it was magnificent. I will search that radio station for the track, as I think someone's covered this great song by Spoon, and I want to know who is to blame for spreading its awesomeness.

Simply stellar

definitely prefer the abrupt ending

What a cracking tune.

ahhh i've been looking for this, thanks !

yeah, what's up with that? thanks!

This should be the cd version, I don't care much for the abrupt cut off but oh well. Amazing song either way!

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The Mystery Zone Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Picture yourself
Set up for good
In a whole other life
In the mystery zone
Make us a house
Some far away town
Where nobody will know us well
Where your dad's not around
And all the trouble
You look for all your life
You will find it for sure
In the mystery zone
Times that we met
Before we met
Times that we met
We'll go there
To the mystery zone
Ah, the mystery zone

[Verse 2]
There goes the rider
At gates of dawn
He takes no prisoners at all
He'll be there on his own
What gets him gone
Off down that road
Is something he don't understand
The mystery zone
Maybe all he wants
Maybe all he needs
Is to know that the sun don't set
On the mystery zone
How can it feel so familiar
When you never been there?
How can it seem so unreachable?
You never tried to find
Never tried to find the mystery zone
Mystery zone

[Verse 3]
All of the people
You used to run into
But never do now
They took off for the mystery zone
And when you know love
When you find it for real
It contains the emotion sense of
Everyone ready
Your cover was blown
You weren't there but you were
In the mystery zone
You weren't there but you were
You weren't there but you were

[Verse 4]
Opening windows
Doors never close
It's the fresh air fiend
It's the information troll
We'll pack a bag
Sendin' it off
Just some things that never fit right
To the m—
And we'll send it ahead as a test so we'll know
Call it up when it gets there
What's it like in the mystery zone?
The times that we met
Before we met
We'll go back there
Oh, times that we met
We'll go back
We'll go back there
The mystery zone
To the mystery zone
The mystery zone
Oh the mys—

The Mystery Zone by Spoon full Video

The Mystery Zone Spoon Album Mp3 Song.The Mystery Zone song belongs to Alternative, The Mystery Zone by Spoon, The Mystery Zone available To free download ,Download Spoon The Mystery Zone Mp3 Song. The Mystery Zone Alternative released on 2017-08-03 22:57:30.Weird hacked up stuff from the minds of MGC. As Uploaded by StepOutAgain on Jan 21 2010 Spoon performs The Mystery Zone from their latest album Transference live at KCRW s Morning Becomes Eclectic on 01 20 10 Watch the full session. Spoon Live Ogden Theatre April 5 2010. Artist Spoon Title Out go the lights Album Transference Year 2010 Track 9 Genre Art Rock. I do not own the song all rights go to WMG Good song from Spoon from the album Transference with the lyrics Picture yourself Set up for good in a whole other life In the mystery zone. Britt Daniel arrives on stage Mohawk w an awesome version of Mystery Zone acoustic I quickly glance over at Jupiter since it is relatively close to Earth right now 330 million miles.

Track 01 Artist Spoon Album Transference 2010. Fan Video ACL 2010 Mix. Spoon Paradiso Amsterdam the Netherlands 18 02 2010. Songs by em. Roblox Treasure Hunt simulator and Today we will be digging our way to the Underworld zone in many ways Using the golden spoon Jack Hammer and the C4 Will we make it there more then once. From the Album Transference Anti 7050 2010. Spoon performing Mystery Zone at FM 94 9 s Holiday Hootenanny on December 12 2009 Apologies for the audio not sounding...