Torch Song The Walkmen mp3 song

Categories: Album and R And B.

Albums: Lisbon.

Singers: The Walkmen.

Released : 27 Oct, 2010

Duration : 04:10 min

Downloads : 39.39K

I needddddd to know what cymbal that is!!

que fue eso? acaso una lágrima cayendo de su mejilla sin vida al oír esta pieza que armoniza su desolado cuerpo

Gosh! the video and that beatiful song. Thank you! I love it

esta rola si q toca los mas recondito del alma..

Good song

mi craneo vacio.

Another beautiful song with incredibly accurate and precise lyrics by the Walkmen, the best band around today.

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Torch Song Lyrics

If I had known the graceful song I should know
To slow down all the madness, I would have sung
A whispered melody to calm you and keep you close

But I don't know the tune
It's a burden on my sorry soul
No, I don't have a clue
It's a weight upon my empty skull

If I was soundly sleeping, I'd fall into dreams
But the night time's stale and restless, it's all wrong for me
The night time's stale and restless, it's all wrong for me

I don't know the tune
It's a burden on my sorry soul
No I don't have a clue
A weight upon my empty skull

Torch Song by The Walkmen full Video

Torch Song The Walkmen Album Mp3 Song.Torch Song song belongs to R And B, Torch Song by The Walkmen, Torch Song available To free download ,Download The Walkmen Torch Song Mp3 Song. Torch Song R And B released on 2017-08-03 23:56:27.Taken from the bands sixth studio album Lisbon. Song All Hands and the Cook by The Walkmen. The Walkmen performing We ve Been Had live at the 930 club in D C on 2 26 04 Special thanks to the Walkmen 930 club Marc Hartley. Lisbon B Side. Track 9 from Lisbon 2010.

The Love You Love is the fourth single from The Walkmen s seventh studio album Heaven The video includes Jerry Jr s Tune of which is used as an into to the video and is also the track. GET THIS SONG SENT TO YOUR MOBILE PHONE EXCLUSIVELY. From The Walkmen s album Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone out on Talitres TAL006 2002 available in CD digital formats Download. The Walkmen are an indie rock band from New York City formed in 2000 They prefer the unique sound of vintage musical instruments In 1973 the incomprehensible pronouncements from a ginger. Album pussy cats lyrics You can dance every dance with the guy Who gives you the eye let him hold you tight You can smile every smile for the man Who held your hand neath the pale moonlight. Sorry for video quality we used the old smartphone to take a picture. The Walkmen perform Woe Is Me live in the KEXP studio Recorded 9 8 10 www kexp org. Download Subscribe Facebook Twitter Soundcloud. Lisbon live in Lisbon 14 11...