Waiting For Magic Ace Of Base mp3 song

Categories: Album and Dance.

Albums: The Sign.

Singers: Ace Of Base.

Released : 20 Oct, 2013

Duration : 03:40 min

Downloads : 111.98K

This is awesome! <3

Must be the only AOB vid where I enjoy watching Jenny more than Linn :)

Haha.. A young Thomas Mygind. "! Good presentation, but remove "The" from the title ;) 1:25 >> No Linn.! That girl is You! (you can't do those moves and put the dream burden over on your sis)


At 3:07 it almost feels like Michael Jackson 's Thriller.

Waiting for magic kiss me baby yeah

мне было 11 лет когда вышел этот альбом я был восторге

DEmn, Lyn, what an Ass and Face n voice ! love u!

Woow,a rare version!!! ?¿?

in a coffin made of dawn.... bone

... again

Nevertheless Jеnny's voice is most similar to Malin's voice, Jеnny good singing too, nevertheless they are sisters and it is fine!


Wow they sound great. Great song too.

Such class.

Jenny sings a little worse raspberries, Linn beautiful and wonderful voice!

Great songwriting and artistry at it's best. Love Ace of Base but the songs are sooo well written.

Linn 😍😍

классная версия. как же хочется вернуться на 23 года назад и быть там, с ними

they are the original...nobody can have a voice like them!

Interesting to see FLOWERS :)

since my childhood, i've been keeping an old tape of this group,which my brothers and sister have been listenning ,and when i discovered the tape , which was their very first album 'Happy Nation" , i cleaned it and discovered this magic group, all their tracks were beautiful,and particularly this track was my favourite after fashion party, but for it is and will remain the greatest and pure dance groups of the 90's. and UNIQUE one .^^

My god, shamelessly lip syncing. They didnt even bother using an alternate version of the song, the used the exact track from the CD. It's just embarrassing.

Thanks for this rare footage<3I think they're singing live! Great! I prefer Jenny with her long hair... Anyway,Linn and Jenny could be the Misses of the Universe:))

+Shams Ksar Have you heard the longer version of the Total Remix? It's called Total Remix 12", that one is about 6 minutes long and has extra vocals found in the european version. Greetings.

I think it's fair to say Ace Of Base were the best selling pop group of the 90's and i can understand why still enjoying thier music 21 years after first hearing it!


OMG Jenny's hair!  It is so 90s lol

Waiting for THE Magic?  Okay.I didn't know they performed at the Miss Universe Pageant.  That is awesome!

jenny rules on this songthanks

I like the scenario stage

Wow wow wow!!

Thank you ! Happy you likes :)

Oh sorry,those two is the only 2 songs they sang in this show that i recorded from TV .

Thanks for the video! You do not know the song they sang ''happy nation'' on this statement? Or what some other songs?

Exactly!! You make my point! In EUROPE (you must be Spanish or living there), here in America it was substituted by a nice, but incomplete, "Total 7'' remix"...

Actually this is the radio edit of the european version of the song :)

WOW!!! Much better than the Album version!! Why didn't they include this in that record?? :-s

Always wondered why the booklet had more lyrics than the ones sung in that remix...

Takk so mye, Anders!

Most welcome and im just happy to share some of my older recordings :)

Welcome! :)

My pleasure ! :)

Cool upload! thanks!!

So oldschool! Love it! Thanks for uploading!

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Waiting For Magic Lyrics

Kiss me, baby, I'm Snow White
Sleeping in a coffin
Waiting for you waiting for magic

Baby, I'm Snow White
Sleeping in a coffin
Waiting for you/waiting for magic

A man of the world but lost in a dream
You look at something from a different angle
But I exist I'm waiting for you
In a coffin made of glass

Kiss me, baby, I'm attractive
Baby, get to know me
Show how you are

Give me that magic
Baby, I'm eternal
Lying in a coffin
Waiting for you

In your dream a girl is dancing
Close to you (That girl is me)
Once a witch made her sleep
But a prince will wake her up it's you

Kiss me baby..

In the tale is the place to find her
Reach out to get to know her
It means so much to me
The meaning of the book

Oh, kiss me, baby, wake me up
Oh, kiss me, baby, wake me up
Join in the story of the fairytale
Believe the dream you will not fail
Oh, kiss me, baby, wake me up

Kiss me baby..

Waiting for magic it's what I do
Waiting for magic for me and you to kiss me
Baby, wake me up

Caught in a dream how lucky you are
You can see me I'm the girl behind you
So open your eyes and turn around
And watch me dancing join the fairy tales

Kiss me baby..

You cannot reach her on the planet
That the scientists want to call the earth
But if you use your imagination you will see her

You will find her in your dreams
I see no shadows in my dreams
It is something so romantic
I can tell it's for real you'll see

Waiting For Magic by Ace Of Base full Video

Waiting For Magic Ace Of Base Album Mp3 Song.Waiting For Magic song belongs to Dance, Waiting For Magic by Ace Of Base, Waiting For Magic available To free download ,Download Ace Of Base Waiting For Magic Mp3 Song. Waiting For Magic Dance released on 2017-08-03 17:31:39.1993 Ace of Base Waiting for Magic Total Remix 12 Version Copyright Fair Use Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 allowance is made for fair use. The original single version not any remixes. Happy Music For Joy Fun.

Hello this is Al Bundy Thank you for watching my videos and subscribing to my relive remember and relate nostalgia channel Please check this channel often to see the best memorable rare. Great 90 s. Ace of Base Happy Nation U S Version 1993 Albumb. Ace of Base Happy Nation Teksty utwor w Jonas Joker Berggren Ulf Buddha Ekberg Muzyka Jonas Joker Berggren Ulf Buddha Ekberg 1 Voulez vous danser 0 03 2 All that she. Ace Of Base Greatest Hits Megamix 2016 by DJ Crayfish Czech Republic Tracklist 01 Wheel Of Fortune 1992 02 Unspeakable. 90 s Dance. Ace of Base Live in 1996 to a crowd of 20000 at Vina Del Mar festival. An instrumental that was made by piecing together various parts from various sources for Ace of Base s Waiting For Magic Total Remix 7 from the album The Sign This remix is more popular. Full album stream of the American version of Ace of Base s legendary debut album Enjoy 1993 Mega Records A division of Playground Music Scandinavia AB Expand...