Where Does My Heart Beat Now Celine Dion mp3 song

Categories: Album and Chanson.

Albums: Unison.

Singers: Celine Dion.

Released : 09 Feb, 2013

Duration : 04:35 min

Downloads : 5.98 million

2018 thailand i love song wait you celine coming to

God she looks and sounds so young here! I heard this come on the radio and had to double check it was her cause it sounded really young haha

sem comentários simplesmente Diva❤

Best voice ever! Poland loves Celine

amo essa musica

Love this song

amo esta canción,me retrotrae a mis 17 años!!! que nostalgia me da

I like this song.Antoniq Dermendjieva

I prefer the first video of this song where she appears in a dark place

so long time i love this song

If you listen carefully 1:03 to 1:06 it's amazing how Céline was already Céline Dion ! Not mentionning "The wings to flyyyyyyy..." To me, one of her Best.

Amazing voice!!!

God, we had Celine, Whitney, and Mariah all at the same time..... where is all the talent now? Will there be another wave?

I just wish someone at my school knows who she is ITS REALLY SAD THAT ALL MY FRIENDS LISTEN TO FETTY WAP AND I LISTEN TO CELINE 24/7 they really need to get a taste in music

Someone miss who?

Céline est la vie

Difficult to sing🔥🙆🏻🙆🏻

why this song is not number one on billboard🤔🤔🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔

Love u Celine Dion

We also have to give it up for the musician for there incredible performance. This song gets me everytime! Thanks Celine for being a part of my life unknowingly! God has truly bless you!❤💥💣👏👏

Really like your singing....so inspiring

Lovely voice, my favorite!


Rip to her husband 😢 I love celine dion still in 2018☺

her best bar none....... 1991 Orange blossom drive florida ahhhh

Whos listening to this in 2018?

2018 na but my new year resolution is to watch all her videos 😍😍

2018 but my new resolution is watch all her videos 😍😍😍

Kelly Davis in Macon GA 🦅 2018

My love

great song deep bass drums

My favorite song by Celine, ever!!!


Awww fetus Céline. She looks so young here, yet that voice was so big and powerful and mature.

love this song so much

So young

I love u Heather

I wish i can go back time to the 90's..

Divine vibrations

2018 <3 BRASIL

flawless in every way. I absolutely adore this woman and the soul she has brought in to this world. I hope we have her still for many more decades

My favorite song💖👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😊

this is one of my very favorite Celina Dion songs growing up and still is keep being Amazing Celina Dion your a very strong woman with three beautiful boys to love and raise into great men... Renee would be happy for you. i love you keep making beautiful music hun.Love ALWAYS Emily Lawhorn. I feel your strength in this song....

She was so young 😍 and beautiful 😘

I'm almost 42 yrs YOUNG and I have LOVED Celine Dion ever since hearing THIS SONG as it was her FIRST song released in English and the REST is HISTORY!!!! I've been to 3 concerts of hers and the 1st one was in Vegas at Caesar's Palace her 1st year she started performing there and it was the BEST concert I've EVER been to. She sounded BETTER in PERSON than on her CD's if that's even POSSIBLE. She will ALWAYS be ONE of my ALL time favorite artists.

Прекрасная Селин!!!!!

Essa música é muito top. Celine canta pra caralho, Vai se fuder! Como pode?

Essa mulher é demais 😍

this aint the original vid is it

Asi empezo Su Historia en el mundo...

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Where Does My Heart Beat Now Lyrics

[Verse 1]
So much to believe in, we were lost in time
Everything I needed
I feel in your eyes
Always thought of keeping
Your heart next to mine
But now that seems so far away
Don't know how love could leave
Without a trace
Where do silent hearts go

Where does my heart beat now
Where is the sound
That only echoes through the night
Where does my heart beat now
I can't live without
Without feeling it inside
Where do all the lonely hearts go

[Verse 2]
Candle in the water, drifting helplessly
Hiding from the thunder
Come and rescue me
Driven by hunger
Of the endless dream
I'm searching for the hand that I can hold
I'm reaching for the arms that let me know
Where do silent hearts go


[Verse 3]
Then one touch overcomes the silence
Love still survives
Two hearts needing one another
Give me wings to fly


I've got someone to give my heart to
Feel it getting stronger and stronger
And stronger
And I feel inside

Hearts are made to last
Until the end of time

Where Does My Heart Beat Now by Celine Dion full Video

Where Does My Heart Beat Now Celine Dion Album Mp3 Song.Where Does My Heart Beat Now song belongs to Chanson, Where Does My Heart Beat Now by Celine Dion, Where Does My Heart Beat Now available To free download ,Download Celine Dion Where Does My Heart Beat Now Mp3 Song. Where Does My Heart Beat Now Chanson released on 2017-08-03 17:02:25.Video by Ramona Almirez Follow us Twitter and Instagram dionteambrazil Facebook. A black and white version of her first official music video for a song in English The single comes from Celine s album Unison from 1990 I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING This video is a property. I do NOT own the music itself This is my 2nd video I hope you like it It s a song of Celine Dion She sang it in 1989 a year after she won the Eurovision Songfestival 1988 with the song. This video is about JAMIE CLAIRE WHERE DOES MY HEART BEAT NOW. Please subscribe or comment for thank you Where Does My Heart Beat Now Celine Dion Karaoke Lyrics. Celine Dion Where does my heart beat now. Best of Celine Dion Subscribe here Music video by C line Dion performing Where Does My Heart Beat Now C 1991 Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc. Celine Dion performing Where Does My Heart Beat Now at Las Vegas Video by Ramona Almirez Facebook. Fandom 1 Ever After Danielle Prince Henry 2 Amazing Grace William Wilberforce Barbara Spooner 3 Ang lique marquise des anges Ang lique Sanc de Monteloup Jeoffrey.

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