Wish You Were Here Ustad Amjad Ali Khan mp3 song

Categories: Album and Classical.

Albums: Guldasta.

Singers: Ustad Amjad Ali Khan.

Released : 02 Oct, 2014

Duration : 56:58 min

Downloads : 227.81K

Raag name please?

May your Gharana keep prospering and we remain connected thorough the power of notes!

These sons are great gift to India...

sonwala music ab bandh hona chahie.

Such a dead crowd.

Musicians have no religion, Music itself is their religion.

A proud father with his proud sons! A blessed family.

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plss dnt argue on the basis on Hindu and Muslim music has no religion

This is really wonderful presentation. Thanks Amjad ji.

Wow... It should be a very proud moment for the great Ustadji to share the stage with his 2 talented boys and play music together... its one of my dreams to play Violin with my son....Thank you Ustadji for the beautiful music you have always produced..God BlessHumble request to all those who talk about religion... please do not bring religion, politics and unwanted discussions in music forums... there are lot of other forums to discuss politics and religion... here in music forums, please enjoy the music... discus about music... not religion and beaf and all... we are all HUMANS... not hindus or muslims or anything...Its a very humble request.

40 people who did not like this are fucking retards, in short, fucktards

40 people who did not like this are fucking retards, in short, fucktards

Such a mystical sound the sarod creates. We try to have the sarod as much as we can in our sessions.

Amaan looks irritated or he was tired...I don't know. LOL!

Players with high grade. Nice greetings from germany to india. :-)

look at the culture..they have covered their foot also ..respect...I love India and it's rich culture☺🙏

Simply Beautiful God Bless Thanks Kasturi G

No me han gustado, sinceramente. Y estoy escuchando mucha música hindú, pero la verdad prefiero a otros. Estos son muy lentos y su música no tiene chispa, le falta sal y pimienta, es plana, sosa.


wah wa... kya baat hai. Thanks


Pranaam Guruji!

Soulful music. Nothing less can be expected from Ustad Amjad Khan and his disciple sons. Will someone who wrote the closed captions correct them please. This is not sitar music. It is called Sarod.

Google made it happen once again. showing the common thread that " Samarpan to your Guru". Total submission to the Cause. Google can not made all things happened without this Key and that is already there in indian customs deeply. Thanks to Google.

My Respect and regards to all of them

Wonderful, ma sha' Allah.

really beautiiiiiifulllll

Truly gods

The legend of our India....And we r so proud for them....

The sawal jawab in Raag Desh is great. Ustad Amaan and Ustad Ayyan are equally great like their father. They will keep their gharana  Flag flying high for next Generation and make our music to go into next century.

Ustad Amjad has been a great inspiration. He has trained his sons so well to take the music to the next generations. This is a real great contribution.

great playing, but the tabla is miked/mixed horribly. I guess this it's not supposed to be a tabla performance, but with 3 sarodes, you need at least a little tone from the tabla.

Thats why it is said that music unites people... salute to maestros m/

It's good but he has much better performances !!! and the subtitle shows several times SITAR instead of SAROD ......also I don't know why the word DRUM is used instead of TABLA in the subtitle....and his performances are always so refreshing even though the same compositions he has played several times in different occasion !

so deep and beautiful, thanks from the heart

Grew up listening to Amjad saab. every time its a soul stirring experience.

Really awesome...

To All Anti-Muslim "Hindu" Fascist Thugs:Where would HINDU-STANI music be without the contributions of the great Muslim masters of vocal and instrumental music?

who is the tabla master?


Sare jahan se acha Hindustan Hamara !!! The Indian soil has given birth to so many legends and here we are !! Amjad Ali Khan.. No boundaries, No religion, No politics nor politicians can divide what God has created... This is the music of Heavens in its form ... Salute to Humanity !!! Amjad Ali Khan the true form of humanity live and alive... The truth and the goodness of the Lord will always dwell in his creations... Praise the Lord almighty who has given this heavenly sounds of the true nature of heavens...

I love the captions [Indian Music] {slow Sitar Music] [Inaudible]..etc

Heavenly music

Ustad Amjad Ali plays all the iconic melodies of India--sacrosanct through generations of reverence--and it is such a magnificent contribution. He is such a wonderful cultural ambassador. What a blessed life. Those who haven't heard his rendition of Bande Mataram, should..

Muslim musicians and artists gave so much to India and look what's happening now with Muslims. Being killed because Hindu Indians suspect them of having beef in the fridge. On top of that Hindu Indians condoning the killing of an innocent man who supposedly had beef in the fridge. Later the police found out it was not beef. Before anyone starts bashing :) I know this is not the right forum and we should enjoy music. But I am also enjoying the music of the maestro :)

loved it ....

Does anyone know the background or organizers of this? I'm specifically interested in the amplification - four simple mikes with some sort of directional shield, 12 or 8 inches away, and it sounds GREAT? Mike type, preamps, any guesses? And all the sarods are IDENTICAL, no? P.S. LOVE the music, "playing in the band" is not conventional but it surely is a path growing wider and deeper every passing year. We HAVE to encourage experiments, even if the individual results aren't what we want. OF COURSE NOT, that's why it's an "experiment"....

Dear Google, the instrument is called Sarod not SItar!

so so ..............

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Wish You Were Here by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan full Video

Wish You Were Here Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Album Mp3 Song.Wish You Were Here song belongs to Classical, Wish You Were Here by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Wish You Were Here available To free download ,Download Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Wish You Were Here Mp3 Song. Wish You Were Here Classical released on 2017-08-03 03:46:18.This is a modal reharmonisation of Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze Daniel Fitzgerald Guitar Tim Smith Vocals James Robinson Bass Rich Nolan Drums. Songs vocal or instrumental I heard and liked. Thakur Karan Singh an orthodox patriarch is a strict man who doesnt allow any form of indiscipline in his palatial home His only motto in life is to earn money Karan Singhs son Amar rebels. Fisherman s Cove Chennai. Shivamani Byte Gurave Namaha Devi Sri Prasad Mandolin Srinivas DSP To Pay Tribute To Mandolin Shrinivas Music director Devi Sri Prasad is all set to pay tribute to his guru Mandolin.

Partha Sarathi Chatterjee playing vilambit gat Raag Anandi Kalyan A Private Video. Maalikul mulk laa shariikaa lahuu vaahdahuu laa ilaaha illaa huu Shams Tabrez gar Khudaa talaabii khusbuukhaaN laa ilaa illa huu Kaunain kaa masjuud hai maabuud hai tuu har shai terii. A unique performance by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and his sons Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash at the Bangalore Ganesh Utsav in September 2010 The tabla player is Sandip Das Included. Saptak Annual Music Festival 2016 Ustd Shahid Parvez Sitar Tabla Hindol Majumdar Date 11 01 2016...