Yaad Nahin Jagjit Singh mp3 song

Categories: Album and Ghazals.

Music: Jagjit Singh.

Albums: Khwahishein CD 2.

Lyrics: Kaifi Azmi.

label: Saregama Music.

Singers: Jagjit Singh.

Released : 16 Apr, 2013

Duration : 06:27 min

Downloads : 157.99K

mujhko jinhone katl kiya he koi unhe batlaye najeer . meri lash ke pahlu me wo apna khanjar bhool gaye,,,,,

2018. Super song

Words nahi Hai, sirf aatma ko sukun dene wala song.

kaha chale gaye aap Jagjit Ji... hum sabko chorr ke... aise gaane aur kabhi nahi banenge... aap ki awaaz amar hai... ❤️

Tujhko bhi jab apni kasme apne waddein yaad nehi

I love Jagjit ji's gazal. And some gazal I really feel charming. This song is one of them

that's why sir jagjit singh is well known for gazal king or gazal smarat.i always used to listen all the gazal had song by him ,my heart wanna fill with love ,compassion and emotion.

Please add also full karaoke yaad nahi

When your hobby becomes your profession, you end up creating something amazing !!!Salute to Jagjit Singh !!!

Very close to me the entire Saher Album.. remember old memory

No words👍👍mere lash ke pehlu me wo apna khanjar bhool gaye ❤️

I Love Jigjit Singh Ghazals

I love jagjit



lovely ghazal

Please don't come back Pakistan....

"Amnesia"...Anyone know if Justin Timberlake is still missing me???

love to hear this song.

wah yr kay song h😩

I am Nepali yet I used to listen this song

I miss my childhood. ....Sir may raa puraa Bachpan jagit Singh kee ghazal may gugraa hai aaaj bhii mobile apkay pur ghazal full hai ...jab bhii Bachpan yaad ataa hai apkaa ghazal sun lay taa Hoo. ..Sir you are best

jagit ji aap humarae dil Mae live kartae hai

Anyone from march 3,2017 ?

jajit sir hamare dil mean aaj hai

Awaz ke jadugar, nahi bhul skte hum. we always miss u Jaggu dada😢

i missed his live performance i regret it till now..wat a singer of gazals.

Jise hum samjhna chahte the Woh Hume nhi samjh sake jo Hume samjhna chahte the unhe hum🙁

First love and lost that love ,remembered the song after bing of alcohol ,So soul full .LUV U JAGGU

bare jaldi kardi jany my.

uffffff.....lost in nostalgia

Eternal Jagjitji :D

simply mindblowing and jagjit ji has sung this same ghazal in different moods n thoughts. He was a legend.


याद नहीं क्या क्या देखा था सारे मंज़र भूल गये,उसकी गलियों से जब लौटे अपना भी घर भूल गये,ख़ूब गये परदेस कि अपने दीवार-ओ-दर भूल गये,शीशमहल ने ऐसा घेरा मिट्टी के घर भूल गये,तुझको भी जब अपनी क़समें अपने वादे याद नहीं,हम भी अपने ख़्वाब तेरी आँखों में रखकर भूल गये,मुझको जिन्होने क़त्ल किया है कोई उन्हे बतलाये ”नज़ीर”,मेरी लाश के पहलू में वो अपना ख़न्जर भूल गये...

nilesh giva

WOW....Don't want say any thing............. just awesome


Wt a feeling

Still alive and will always be!!

Very Very sad Emotional Heart Touching song ever...Speechless !!! ""Yaad Nahin Kya Kya Dekha Tha""

we never forget mr. jagjit singh ji


This is one of my favorite gazals of Jagjit Singh. When I came to USA, I had this cassette and used to listen to this song so many times (may have listened hundreds of times). This is one song, I will never forget. Listening to this song brings back so many beautiful memories. Life is beautiful when we have songs like this to listen. Thank you Jagjit for great songs !!!

I lv this track lyk anythng.its v near to my heart

What kind of sick people would give thumbs down to this.

kiya baat hai-i used to listen this quite frequently in  Gizan Saudi Arabia in 2002-2003 while going back to site accommodation in my car driving alone across deserts from Gizan centre late nights.After that went to England-spent some four years there-now in Qatar for the past three yrs.and am intending to move either  to India or UK back.Sir,Jagit is no more now but his voice???????love you sir,you are still alive in our hearts.

Bohat umda

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Yaad Nahin by Jagjit Singh full Video

Yaad Nahin Jagjit Singh Album Mp3 Song. Lyrics By Jagjit Singh. Music Composed by Jagjit Singh. Presented by Saregama Music.Yaad Nahin song belongs to Ghazals, Yaad Nahin by Jagjit Singh, Yaad Nahin available To free download ,Download Jagjit Singh Yaad Nahin Mp3 Song. Yaad Nahin Ghazals released on 2017-08-04 20:04:11.For High Quality Karaoke And Customize Indian Karaoke Plc Contact Email Id smclub72 gmail com And Mobile No 169. Jagjit Singh Live in Concert. Yaad nahi kya kya dekha thaa Jagjit Singh. ARTIST JAGJIT SINGH LIVE IN CONCERT VENUE THE ESPLANADE SINGAPORE. Presenting my attempt at this beautiful ghazal from the album Saher 2000 that was originally sung and composed by Jagjit Singh ji and whose poignant lyrics touched an unforgettable chord. For listening pleasure only Copyright violation or infringement of any kind is NOT meant or intended. Song Jawab Jinka Nahin Album Do Dil Do Rahein Singer Jagjit Singh Music Label T Series For Latest Updates Subscribe Here Facebook. Yaad nahi kya kya dekha thaa Jagjit Sin 360P.

Ghazal. Song Tum Hamare Nahin To Kya Gham Hai Album Forget Me Not Singer Jagjit Singh Music Director Jagjit Singh Music Arranged By Deepak Pandit Music Label T Series If you like the Video. Jagjit Singh Performing Live Music Concerts Event Talkatora Indoor Stadium Songs from most popular Album Parwaaz Yaad Nahin Kya Kya Dekha Tere Bare Mein Hosh Walon Ko Khabar Kya. Mujhe hosh nahi Jagjit Singh. Jagjit Singh Kab...